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No one should miss out on a little random bit of humor.

Recognizing that people everywhere make priceless comments, we began Overheard at Bowdoin as a way for people who overhear hilarious conversations or quotes on campus to share them with everyone. Instead of having something amazing spread only as far as your floor, post it here so the whole campus gets a chance to laugh.

When you post, please submit the preferred title, quote, and general location of the conversation. All submissions will be promptly reviewed to make sure they aren't intentionally hurtful towards groups or individuals and will be edited as needed. Remember, all submissions that include names of students, professors, administrators or specific courses will not be accepted. Overheard at Bowdoin is not a malicious place, so don't be an asshole.

To see who inspired us visit overheardinnewyork.com.

OAB Staff


Toph Tucker '12 /moderator
Aaron Wolf '12 /moderator


William Donahoe '08 /web designer + moderator
Frank Chi '07 /hype
Dotan Johnson '07 /overlord
Clark Gascoigne '08 /moderator
Darren Fishell '09 /moderator
Hannah Scheidt '10 /moderator
Billy Donahue '11 /moderator


info [at] overheardatbowdoin [dot] com

This site was built over winter break 2007. What did you do with your time?

System News

Oct 4, 2008 / Submission form is disabled once an overheard is submitted.
May 25, 2008 / Major coding updates. Modernized and ready for the next generation of moderators.
Mar 30, 2008/ Nicked a few bugs in the navigation.
Jul 19, 2007 / Bunches of updates. New banner. Improved submit. Working through bugs.
Apr 24, 2007 / Over 14,000 hits! Word. New bannerimage.
Mar 31, 2007 / Rating system added (finally)!
Mar 4, 2007 / No visible tweaks... but they're there! Over 8,000 visits.
Jan 26, 2006 / 1000 visits in 10 days! We've made it! Check out our facebook ads and article in the Orient.
Jan 16, 2006 / Go live. Looks good. Report any found errors to info [at] overheardatbowdoin [dot] com. I know the email link doesn't work yet.

Terms of Use

This is a social experiment. We know that some people may get hurt. The moderators will do their best to disguise the true identities of those mentioned in submissions. If something has slipped through that's an inside joke or something that a bunch of people would understand, etc.... let us know. We'll do our best to take care of it.

This is truly not about embarassing people. This is about poking fun at ourselves. Let's keep it real. With that said, you choose to come to this site. We are not liable for any personal damages incurred from this site. I'm not precisely sure what those could be but I know Bowdoin people are pretty creative.

Privacy Policy

This site is not sophisticated enough to know who you are (or care). I can make an educated guess, though, so don't try to crash it! You're requested not to use real names but (stereotypical) descriptions of each person in the discussion. All submissions are screened by the moderators for appropriateness (and funniness). You're safe submitting with us. I'd show you the source to prove it but I'm starting to get a headache.